The first Subbotnik cleanup in the whole of Kutuzovo village.

November, 26

Subbotnik is a real celebration of work
On 24 November 2018, the first general community subbotnik was held in the village of Kutuzovo.



Subbotnik is quite positive and is one of the most remarkable traditions in our country. It not only makes our villages, districts and cities cleaner but also unites people very well. After all, we do not just come and remove debris and dirt from a certain area or plant something, such as flowers or trees. Of course, this is the main thing, but the unity of people and promotion of traditional values are also important. People need to understand that a clean village is the merit of every resident. During subbotniks, a true sense of patriotism is manifested. It is like cleaning up at home, making it more beautiful and comfortable. Our own yard, our street, our village and our own country should become such a home for each of us.
On that significant day of 24 November 2018, residents of the village of Kutuzovo cleaned up the area where the Church of the Nativity is located. The area was noticeably cleared of debris and old branches; it is so pleasant to look at!

Subbotnik is also a real celebration of work. After the volunteer cleanup, it was nice to talk about the vital affairs in the village.

It was joyful to hold a lottery! Everyone received prizes and gifts! The lottery turned out to be prizes-for-all.
In the solemn part of the subbotnik programme, all participants were awarded with thank-you letters!

We were especially pleased to see our compatriot Olga Shabalkina, our poet, who had read her own excellent poems. On the eve of Mother’s Day, Olga Shabalkina read her nice pieces of work about our mothers, grandmothers and children!

Subbotniks in our village should necessarily become a good tradition; all participants in a subbotnik in Kutuzovo came to such that decision.

I wish you all well, enjoyable work, happiness and cleanliness around!

Peace to your home!

With respect and gratitude,
E.N. Nagornaya
Head of Kutuzovo village