Problem of collection and disposal of wastes

October, 28
Dear residents and visitors of the Kutuzovo Village!

1. Wastes from waste bins is removed daily in the morning and evening.
2. Large wastes, branches and trees are removed once a week.
3. Schedule of wastes removal is printed on waste bins. Additionally requested were informational placards.



On 20.10.2018 on waste disposal sites there were posted handwritten announcements with instruction about distribution of waste on site.

On 27 of October there were inspected waste sites of the village.

The outcome was as follows:
1. Waste (Rubbish) is allocated properly according to guidelines. Thank you.
2. The waste disposal sites may be given prize places for cleanness.

First place to the site near house 39;
Second place to the sate near entrance on side of concrete surfaced road;
and the 3rd place to the waste disposal site in the village itself.
It is unclear what happens at waste disposal site in the village itself (3rd place) - it is the dirtiest waste disposal site in the village!

Dear residents, please help me to solve the issue of proper order at this site, as two other waste disposal sites are maintained in tidiness. There is a question "?" WHAT MAKES RESIDENTS AND VISITORS OF THE VILLAGE TO KEEP EXACTLY THIS WASTE DISPOSAL SITE IN SUCH A DISORDER?

Please inform of what is the problem with maintenance of said waste disposal site in order? What should be made to eliminate such anti-sanitary in the village.

I strongly urge your to get in touch by dialing +74998999889.

Best regards, Nagornaya E.N.